Tradition Capital Management is an independent investment management organization that is privately owned by its employees and focuses exclusively on providing the highest quality investment management strategies with diligence, honesty and integrity.  We are a research and process driven asset manager focused on long-term performance.  Tradition works to build a portfolio of securities that meets our clients’ varied needs through each of our given strategies.  Our focus on asset management allows us to service our clients through leading consultants and brokerage firms.  Each client has an individually managed account that belongs solely to that client, thus assuring transparency and peace of mind.  We do not commingle funds.  Integrity and transparency are hallmarks of Tradition.  Tradition does not offer custody or trading, but relies on brokerage firms and banks for these important services.  In addition, our advice may be accessed through a unified managed account platform.  We work with most types of accounts: individual, trust, pension, profit sharing, foundation, partnerships and IRAs.


Tradition invests our clients’ capital in quality securities selling at reasonable prices.  We are not traders trying to outguess the market; rather, we are business and security analysts making an investment that, in our opinion, will provide a suitable risk-adjusted return.  Our own personal investments are focused on securities that we own for clients, thus aligning our personal interests with those of our clients.  After trades are completed for our clients, our employees and principals are encouraged to invest in these same securities for their own portfolios.  These internal investing guidelines assure that our clients get our best investment ideas and that we, as a firm, are focused on the investments that impact clients.


Tradition was founded in October of 2000 by Benjamin Halliburton and Christopher Trompeter and soon joined by Michael Provine. The founding principals had previously worked together for several years servicing and managing client assets at one of the country’s oldest investment counsel firms in New York City. The founders sought to create a firm grounded in the fundamental belief in research driven investing in both equity and fixed income securities and chose the name, Tradition, for its meaning -- “an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought and action passed down from generation to generation.” At Tradition Capital Management, we are consistent in our investment approach, allowing our clients to build a legacy of asset accumulation.

Tradition Capital Management, LLC seeks securities with strong risk adjusted returns as we build portfolios across strategies.  Our seasoned professionals combine experience, insight, discipline and research in our investment process.  We strive for above average returns over the course of a full market cycle.  Margin of safety, preservation of capital, and positive risk adjusted returns drive our mandates.

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